Forum-cum-Symposium on Xie Lingyun and Chinese Landscape Poetry (11/2022)

The HKBU Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute is very honoured to collaborate with the School of Humanities of Wenzhou University, China and other institutions, to jointly co-organize the Forum-cum-Symposium on Xie Lingyun and Chinese Landscape Poetry on 4-5 November 2022.

On the morning of 4 November 2022, the Forum on Xie Lingyun and Chinese Landscape Poetry was first held at the Wenzhou City Hall, Zhejiang, China. As first event of the 2022 Chinese Landscape Poetry Festival (Wenzhou), it has invited more than 50 local and overseas experts to participate in hybrid mode. 10 scholars delivered keynote speeches to discuss Chinese landscape poetry in various perspectives. Professor Hu Kexian of Zhejiang University, Professor Zhuge Yibing of Wenzhou University and other scholars shared their insights on the studies of Xie Lingyun and Chinese landscape poetry at the city hall, while Professor Qian Zhixi of Peking University, Professor Chen Shangjun of Fudan University, Professor Tian Xiaofei from Harvard University, and Professor Ronald Egan from Stanford University discussed on other topics of the theme virtually.

On 5 November, more than 20 participating experts of the Forum-cum-Symposium paid a visit to Yongjia County, Zhejiang for first-hand experience of the landscape as portrayed in classical Chinese poetry in the morning. In the afternoon, more than 30 scholars from home and abroad participated in the Symposium. The participants discussed on Xie Lingyun’s achievement in poetry as well as the rich contents in Chinese landscape poetry.