Postgraduate Programmes

Research Postgraduate Programmes (MPhil and PhD)

One of the most important objectives of Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute (SHI), is to nurture young scholars. SHI has been admitting her research postgraduate students since the academic year of 2016/17. The self-financed doctoral and research master’s degree programmes are targeted to nurture more young and potential scholars to become Sinological researchers in the future, as well as to enhance the academic influence of HKBU and SHI in the field of Sinology.

Thanks to a generous donation of HK$30 million from Simon Suen Foundation in Spring 2022 and the resulting meaningful and visionary Young Researcher in Chinese Humanities Scheme, the Institute is able to embark on recruitment of students who have a passion on Chinese humanities studies, and to yield research vitality and capacity.

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