Since Jesuit missionaries began translating Confucian classics into Latin and modern European languages in the 17th century, there has been a rich tradition of scholarship on traditional Chinese culture in Europe. International Sinology, encompassing the Chinese scholarship of other East Asian countries like Japan and Korea, is now flourishing throughout the world. The Sino-Humanitas Institute aims to promote Sinological research and exchange between Chinese and foreign scholars throughout the world.

With the generous support of a donation from the chairman of the SML Group, Mr. Simon Suen, and Mrs. Mary Suen, HKBU has been able to establish the “Mr. Simon Suen and Mrs. Mary Suen Sino-Humanitas Institute Development Fund,” which will sponsor the activities of the institute and related research activities. To commemorate the Suens’ gift, the university has named the institute in their honor, and appointed Mr. and Mrs. Suen as honorary directors of the institute.